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About Phoenix - Phoenix the Street Artist
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Phoenix is

Phoenix makes art with a combination of drawing, collage & photocopy.
A collage and photocopy artist since the 1980s, over the last six years he has been taking his art to the streets and public spaces around Melbourne and beyond.
His processes of working – based around his drawn images, physical cut and paste, and layering and manipulating in the photocopier – are constantly evolving – driven by a love for creative improvisation.

In 2004, a massive fire destroyed his home studio – containing many of his works, as well as his collage system: an extensive library of collected and photocopied elements and other collage materials.
Only a small portion of these – mostly charred and water-damaged – was able to be salvaged from the ashes and debris.

In 2009, a street art tour amongst the lanes of Melbourne spurred him to start taking his collage and copy art to the streets as Phoenix.
In the past six years his works – with their characteristic combination of icon and text – have moved out from the streets and lanes of Melbourne to Sydney, around Australia, to Europe, and to the Americas.

Selections from Phoenix’s Voice of the Blue Earth series.

Selections from Phoenix’s Dalíesque series.

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